Solidarity rates and billing


Rates are established following a solidarity scale (in CAN$) and adjusted the reality of local economies :


Non-profit / coops

For profit (indivuals and inc)

0 - 50k



51 - 150k



150k - 500k



500k et +



Rebates and exceptions

Sometimes we want to work with a project so bad that we give special deals or even do pro-bono work in exchange for other forms of value (ex: visiblity or food). That decision is up to the member of the collective.

Tactical focus

We are a collective composed of senior consultants and we don't hire juniors. We try to focus on the tactical dimensions of projects and aim to make our clients as autonomous as possible following our work. We recommend clients to hire other people for menial tasks (we can refer people and businessses) but we'll do the work if needed !

Estimates and time tracking

Every new project or every new dimension to a project comes with a time estimate. We follow time we spend on projects thoroughly and we advise our clients and partners when nearing 80% of the initial estimate. We don't bill for time we didn't do and we charge for every hour we spend on a project.


All time spent on a project is billable. We inform clients and partners when we feel the scope hasn't been defined properly to readjust the time bank. Billing time is usually done in the middle (50%) and at the end of a project (50%).