Mission and impact statement


Tambour is a tactical amplification collective formalized as a non-profit solidarity coop. Our goal is to help amplify the reach, impact and health of social, cultural and environmental projects everywhere in the world. Yup, that's a lot of words. And yes we unfortunately are consultants πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ.

Rumor has it that our name is in fact an acronym that stands for : Troup for the Acceleration of Monetary Benefits for Organisations Undertaking Revolution. But Tambour mostly means drum in french and we hope to help projects be heard !

We activate our mission in two ways :

1. Tactical consulting

  • Research and benchmarking

  • Strategic and tactical plans

  • Copy for business plans, grant, loans and donations requests

  • Support for partnership outreach and value proposal validation

2. Catalyst partnerships

Through our work and with the insights from our clients and support members, we identify recurring problems within the ecosystems of social change and we try to work with the communities to bridge the gaps.

Here are a few of our current projects :

  • ​Us - a mental health referral service and research project for social change makers

  • ​Spark Fund - a community driven radical social innovation R&D fund

  • Sources - a free, open and collaborative grant opportunities database

  • Fondation - a democratic people-driven foundation

  • Formats - a project on media coverage of social change projects

These are all partnership initiatives which means that :

  • We work on setting up the projects with and for other groups

  • Try to work with a maximum of groups on any given topic we address

  • Aim to amplify what already exists and not re-create existing value propositions

  • Use part of the value we generate with our consulting services (5%) to fund our catalyst work and use our knowledge on funding to help fund the project (aka : we eat our own dog food)

Things we don't do

We're far from being good at everything and we have a good International network of specialized groups for other dimensions of a project :

  • Animation and co-design

  • Admin stuff

  • Governance design

  • Communications

  • Websites

  • Design

  • IT and digital tools

Impact statement

Tambour works for the tactical clarity, funding and social impact of any social, cultural and environmental project using it's services. It also strives to bonify the social impact infrastructure.

We do all of that to help :

  • Amplify the success and the reach of projects

  • Better meet the needs of humans

  • Help projects to reach their goals of social and cultural transformation

  • Increase the health and the wellbeing of social change makers

We think that through this work we participate in creating a better world where humans will live in balance with the planet through a more equal society.