Non-profit Solidarity Coop 🥁

Tambour is a non-profit solidraty coop with work and support members. Yes coops are convoluted.

In the end it's quite simple, we have :

Worker members

Senior consultants (10 years of experience average) that split work amongst themselves and take most operational and tactical decisions. They have a majority on the board.

Support members

People and organizations participating in social and cultural infrastructure initiatives that support Tambour's mission and projects.

They can:

  • Adhere to the coop's values and goals

  • Stay informed of the coop's projects

  • Participate in the strategic orientations of the collective

  • Initiate catalyst projects within the structure

  • Participate in setting up catalyst projects

  • Participate every year to the general assembly where they can be elected on the board (2 places, minority vote).

  • Support members are also a natural referral network to tackle dimensions of projects Tambour does not address.