Meetings, AG and board

Weekly meetings

A paid thirty minute to an hour long meeting happens every week. We try to attend physically, but can also show up on We mainly talk operation, but sometimes dive into tactics.

It usually goes like this

  • Spot check : Every member has a chance to share what they are working on, what's going well and what's challenging. It's a good time to get feedback and support with challenges.

  • Client projects : We look at our tactical planning tool to make sure we're on track

  • Catalyst projects and partnerships : We share what's happening with partnership initiatives and new ideas we could activate.

We can also call for a longer meeting on any topic if there's a need for it.

Quarterly meetings (board)

Every quarter all work members and board members meet to :

  • Check the aligment of actions with the strategy

  • Financial health and cashflow

  • Adjust tactics

We use Airtable to document our strategic objective, tactics and operations with a year and quarterly view. We make sure each main domain of the organization (admin, finance, communication, business dev, partnerships and HR) is well maintained collectively.

General assembly

We gather all support and work members once a year to eat good food, talk strategy and look at the admin stuff. It's time to share projects and insights. We also elect board members.