Governance and self-management

We aim to create a radically horizontal structure while staying mindful that it's never the case in practice. Here's how we try anyway.


There is none. Everyone is at the same level and no one can take decisions for someone else.

We are aware that in practice informal hierarchies always appear. We try to stay aware of them and to intervene to reduce them as much as we can. See Diversity.


A work member bringing a project has full control over it's execution and the pricing they offer to the client. They can ask for support to other members of the collective and they can decide how to divide available time on a project. They can also transfer full ownership of a project to another member (in agreement with the client of course).

The project owner is then responsible for the delivery of the project. They can always ask for help on slack or in team meetings to benefit from the collective intelligence.

Equal pay

Everything done at Tambour is paid to work members at the rate of any given project minus admin fees (5%) and catalyst project investment (5%). We try to distribute available project hours to allow everyone to work as much as they need or want.

Decision making

How do we make decisions ? It depends on the question.

  • For operational and tactical stuff, we use slack, project team meetings, weekly meetings, quarterly meetings or slack. To be efficient everyone as a lot of leeway to make decisions while respecting the basic framework and values of the coop.

  • For strategic stuff we do it at the quarterly meetings

When something feels off and ideally before s* hits the fan, we try to communicate our doubts with the collective and then with the clients as soon as possible.

Radical transparency

All information about the coop: financial, strategic and operational are available to all work members, excepting personal information.